FCA Offers COVID-19 Related Relief Actions

FCA Offers COVID-19 Related Relief Actions

FCA Offers COVID-19 Related Relief Actions

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In times like these, FCA understands the importance of coming together and creating an atmosphere of helping each other. That is why, in order to give back, FCA is taking steps to help surrounding communities, and greater North America. We are going to be going over these different steps to show what is going on, and maybe even the kinds of organizations that you can throw your own support behind. At Waynesboro CDJR, we fully support all of these efforts, and understand that keeping everyone safe is the most important thing we can be doing right now. Down below we’re going to go over all of the efforts that FCA is putting out for COVID-19 related actions.

How is FCA helping people on the front lines?

As soon as COVID-19 became an apparent threat in the United States, FCA did the responsible thing and stepped up by manufacturing and donating over one million protective face masks a month. The plan is to help distribute these masks across Canada, Mexico, and of course, the United States. These masks, in particular, are donated to works in hospitals and clinics, along with EMTs, firefighters, and police. This is just a small part of a bigger plan being facilitated by FCA to help aid in the global fight against COVID-19. In order to make sure that the masks are going to the right people, FCA is working with authorities on the national and regional levels to ensure that every mask is being used by the right people.

What other steps is FCA taking?

Although the creation of masks is especially important right now, especially for the safety of health care workers, that isn’t the only thing that FCA is doing in response to this pandemic. A big problem that is happening right now, is that with schools being closed, many children who rely on school for food are going without. That is why FCA is focusing on charities that help to give food for children who would go hungry otherwise. Immediately upon FCA’s partnership with these charities, they are providing over one million meals to children in communities surrounding FCA’s main manufacturing plants. Eventually, this program will spread across all of North America. This will continue until children once again have access to meal services at schools.

Waynesboro CDJR Final Thoughts

Now is the time for everyone to come together, and as established by FCA, putting our efforts towards important aspects of supporting those who need it most is vital. We want to be a part of that change, but we also want to make sure that you still have access to things like a service center, which helps keep you going. Be sure to check out our service center, but also make sure that you adhere to state and federal guidelines, and stay safe! We want to make sure that our customers are doing everything they can to help fight this pandemic, and just know that we are fighting alongside you. Until then, FCA is doing everything they can, and so should all of us!